What’s Best For Your Telecommunications Needs: Should You Buy a New or Used Shelter?

There are different benefits to buying new or used shelters. It all depends on your needs and specifications. New telecom shelters let you get a customized shelter that meets your unique specifications. We can fabricate structures in custom shelter sizes that are unavailable anywhere else. We can also engineer your telecommunication shelters to meet your exact needs.

New custom concrete telecommunication shelters are built for strength and can withstand impact, harsh weather conditions and minimum load bearing which provides unsurpassed strength. If your telecom project needs unique structural specifications, a new concrete shelter is probably the best option.

Buying a used shelter is a fantastic way to cut costs without sacrificing quality. Used telecom shelters cost less than new and are still highly customizable. We offer communications shelters both in “As-Is” condition as well as fully restored. Restored shelters undergo maintenance and a rigorous inspection. Lattice can also do custom restoration where your existing shelters are restored.

Whether you’re going with new or used, talk with one of our representatives today to find out what we currently have in our telecom shelter inventory. Call a Lattice representative today 319-845-6001 or send us an email at sales@latticebiz.com and we will help you find your shelter solution.

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