Back Up Power Helps You Weather the Storm

Storm season is in full swing, and the threat of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes can often mean power outages, loss of wages, product or even be a matter of life or death.

Whether you are a manufacturer, farmer, providing telecom services or operating an institution, generators are an important part of keeping your business running as well as protecting your product and assets. Generators provide a continuous supply of power during an outage or emergency.  Common uses for generators include maintaining security systems, providing power for a construction site or continuing power for life support.

At Lattice Communications, we have a variety of standby and portable generators of varying sizes to help with your back up power needs.  Our unique partnerships with several providers make it easy to purchase a new unit.  We also offer refurbished models by Cummins, Generac, Kohler and Blue Star.

Our generators come in a variety of sizes, 7 kW-2,000 kW, and fuel types including diesel, LP and natural gas. For more information on these products, contact us at 888-925-7541 or

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