How Can Our Project Management Team Help You?

How Can Our Project Management Team Help You?

This month’s Internal Spotlight is focused on an employee who oversees the full completion of our customers’ projects.  Doug Goodson, the Senior Project Manager, has been with Lattice Communications for a little over a year now.  The Project Management Department consists of six people, including Doug, who work hard to make sales contracts come to life.  When a product is sold, such as a generator or shelter, the Project Managers schedule and plan the entire project. They first interface with the customer to better understand their expectations, after that, a subcontractors or Lattice team is assigned to execute the project.

Doug emphasizes the all-inclusive nature of the Project Management Department and their ability to fulfill the needs of the customer, regardless of what they are looking for.  He refers to his team as “gatekeepers of making everything happen.”  From financing a project, staying on budget, creating strong customer relations to staying on scope with the sales agreement, our Project Management team does it all!

When asked why customers should choose Lattice over our competitors, Doug explained that while others may be able to do some of the same things that Lattice offers, none are as comprehensive and inclusive as Lattice. Lattice can complete an entire telecommunications project from start to finish.

Overall, Doug is a vital asset to the Project Management team. The things he enjoys most about working at Lattice are the people and the diversity of job functions that he performs.  If you are considering Lattice for a future project, you can rest assured that you are in good hands with Doug and the rest of the Project Management team!

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