The ABC’s of an Integrated Telecommunications Construction Plan

The biggest challenge for any business is providing supply for market demand at a price that is beneficial to the supplier and the demander. When you work in an industry that requires infrastructure to provide a service, this equation becomes much more complex.

In July 2002, Verizon Wireless became the first major telecommunications provider in the United States to launch a 3G wireless network. As the demand of subscribers continues to evolve into being more focused on data intensive services and the speed of data availability, the importance of network upgrades and investments to support this progression has resulted in significant capital expenditures by wireless companies.

As networks continue to grow so does the demand for a strong, well planned telecommunications infrastructure strategy. Unfortunately with advancing 4G technology from 2G and 3G telecommunications hubs, the need for the 3G and 2G telecommunications equipment is quickly going the way of the dodo. Fortunately there are businesses that have the capability and the infrastructure to facilitate the decommissioning of antiquated equipment and handle the telecommunications planning, construction, setup of new telecommunications equipment and the logistics that go along with it.

Here are the ABC’s of an integrative approach to telecommunications construction:

All-Inclusive Project Management

An integrative approach to telecommunications equipment construction takes into account every aspect of the construction from start to finish. This ensures that each step in the process is considered when planning the project scope, timeframe and budget. Try and find a firm that can provide an integrated turnkey construction approach for telecom sites, which helps develop efficiencies. The integrative approach decreases the number of parties involved in planning and diminishes the probability of miscommunication.

Better Value

An integrative approach can give you better bang for your buck because they can integrate the most cost effective components and equipment. When you’re working with an integrated company they can acquire resources that fit the project scope and budget.


An integrative telecommunications solution provider gives you the added benefit of convenience. You’ll be working with one company. This makes life easier for telecommunications companies and/or engineers who have to manage the large construction projects associated with expanding 4G networks or contracting 2G and 3G networks. That’s one project manager, one schedule and one budget.

If you’re trying to decide whether or not your business needs to decommission and upgrade your telecommunications equipment, keep these ABC’s in mind when you make that decision.


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What’s Best For Your Telecommunications Needs: Should You Buy a New or Used Shelter?

There are different benefits to buying new or used shelters. It all depends on your needs and specifications. New telecom shelters let you get a customized shelter that meets your unique specifications. We can fabricate structures in custom shelter sizes that are unavailable anywhere else. We can also engineer your telecommunication shelters to meet your exact needs.

New custom concrete telecommunication shelters are built for strength and can withstand impact, harsh weather conditions and minimum load bearing which provides unsurpassed strength. If your telecom project needs unique structural specifications, a new concrete shelter is probably the best option.

Buying a used shelter is a fantastic way to cut costs without sacrificing quality. Used telecom shelters cost less than new and are still highly customizable. We offer communications shelters both in “As-Is” condition as well as fully restored. Restored shelters undergo maintenance and a rigorous inspection. Lattice can also do custom restoration where your existing shelters are restored.

Whether you’re going with new or used, talk with one of our representatives today to find out what we currently have in our telecom shelter inventory. Call a Lattice representative today 319-845-6001 or send us an email at and we will help you find your shelter solution.

Back Up Power Helps You Weather the Storm

Storm season is in full swing, and the threat of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes can often mean power outages, loss of wages, product or even be a matter of life or death.

Whether you are a manufacturer, farmer, providing telecom services or operating an institution, generators are an important part of keeping your business running as well as protecting your product and assets. Generators provide a continuous supply of power during an outage or emergency.  Common uses for generators include maintaining security systems, providing power for a construction site or continuing power for life support.

At Lattice Communications, we have a variety of standby and portable generators of varying sizes to help with your back up power needs.  Our unique partnerships with several providers make it easy to purchase a new unit.  We also offer refurbished models by Cummins, Generac, Kohler and Blue Star.

Our generators come in a variety of sizes, 7 kW-2,000 kW, and fuel types including diesel, LP and natural gas. For more information on these products, contact us at 888-925-7541 or

How Can Our Project Management Team Help You?

How Can Our Project Management Team Help You?

This month’s Internal Spotlight is focused on an employee who oversees the full completion of our customers’ projects.  Doug Goodson, the Senior Project Manager, has been with Lattice Communications for a little over a year now.  The Project Management Department consists of six people, including Doug, who work hard to make sales contracts come to life.  When a product is sold, such as a generator or shelter, the Project Managers schedule and plan the entire project. They first interface with the customer to better understand their expectations, after that, a subcontractors or Lattice team is assigned to execute the project.

Doug emphasizes the all-inclusive nature of the Project Management Department and their ability to fulfill the needs of the customer, regardless of what they are looking for.  He refers to his team as “gatekeepers of making everything happen.”  From financing a project, staying on budget, creating strong customer relations to staying on scope with the sales agreement, our Project Management team does it all!

When asked why customers should choose Lattice over our competitors, Doug explained that while others may be able to do some of the same things that Lattice offers, none are as comprehensive and inclusive as Lattice. Lattice can complete an entire telecommunications project from start to finish.

Overall, Doug is a vital asset to the Project Management team. The things he enjoys most about working at Lattice are the people and the diversity of job functions that he performs.  If you are considering Lattice for a future project, you can rest assured that you are in good hands with Doug and the rest of the Project Management team!