Fiberglass Shelters Can Help Fulfill Your Needs

Telecom shelters traditionally are used to house equipment, essential for telecommunication signals. The shelters are typically housed with a tower and a generator, either in an attached room or outside the building. The shelters are filled with everything needed for a data center including, batteries, rectifiers, ATS/ASCO, HVAC units, fire suppression support and switchgears.

Fiberglass units are high-strength and low-cost structures, made to last for decades.  Their light weight construction material makes them easy to relocate, and far less costly to move, than concrete or metal structures.  Fiberglass never rusts and is mildew, mold and rot resistant in any climate. These shelters are maintenance-free, air tight and, unlike concrete shelters, do not crack.  Their attractive appearance also blends well with any environment.

Engineered to be highly durable in storms, these shelters can withstand winds up to 125 mph.  They are environmentally sound, extremely cost effective and the ideal answer to sensitive technical equipment storage. The roof design of Fiberglass shelters offers high snow capability and reliability in harsh weather conditions.  Heavy-duty locks and hinges are rust resistant and secure.

Fiberglass Shelters can serve as an above or below-ground storm shelter, as well. Their tough material can reduce the risk of injury or death, caused by tornados or hurricanes.  Not only can fiberglass withstand high winds, but also flying debris.

Other common applications are housing generators, pumps, radio repeaters, chlorination equipment, emergency spill, cellular antennae shielding and storage for radar and satellite equipment.

Options such as heating, lighting, air conditioning, exhaust, outlets, double doors and UV resistant gel coated exterior can all be installed upon request.  Shelters are shipped to your job site fully assembled and ready to install. These buildings also come in a variety of sizes to suit any project.

Lattice Communications has a variety of used fiberglass shelters available. The shelters can be custom refurbished to meet your needs. We offer a multitude of options, from HVAC to rectifiers and would love to work with you on your next project.


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