Top Ways Generators Help During Severe Weather

Severe weather can impact your home in many ways. One of the most common effects of such emergencies experienced by homeowners is the loss of power. In fact, approximately 6.2 million homes were left in the dark last year after severe weather. While you cannot completely reduce the risk of being affected by a storm-related power outage, backup power can keep your home and family safe while your utility is down. Here are some of the top ways portable and backup generators can help homeowners during power outages:

  • The most important home appliance that a standby generator will power during severe weather is your basement sump pump, reducing risk of water damage to your home.
  • Portable generators power emergency lights to ensure safety during necessary evacuations.
  • Community evacuation shelters rely on automatic backup power to manage operations and provide relief to storm victims.
  • If a storm causes power outages during a time of during extreme heat or cold, backup power will be able to keep your furnace or air conditioners on.
  • Back up power can save families hundreds of dollars in food charges, eliminating the risk of spoiled refrigerated and frozen foods while utility power is down.
  • Automatic backup power helps maintain normalcy in the aftermath of a storm-related outage, keeping the doors open to vital businesses, such as grocery stores and pharmacies.
  • An backup generator can save lives for those on power-dependent health equipment, such as kidney dialysis machines or respirators, keeping this essential equipment running during a power outage.

Not Just Generators

You know that we offer generators, but do you really know all the things Lattice Communications can do for you?

We can lay down fiber and ramp up your data speed. Data demands don’t have to slow you down, let Lattice Communications install fiber optic cable and outside plant construction for all your fiber need-don’t let your antiquated system bring your data down.

We can give you shelter. Don’t leave your expensive telecom equipment out in the cold. Lattice Communications can provide new or refurbished concrete, metal and aggregate shelters tough enough to stand up to any environmental event. Our shelters are so strong, they could even make the Big Bad Wolf run away with his tail between his legs.

We can improve your reception. Don’t get left in a cell dead zone, we can offer fixed towers or Cell on Wheels towers to keep you connected, whether you are on a mountaintop, in the center of the Great Plains or deep in the heart of Dixie.

We’ve got your back (up). Generator reliability can make or break your company if you are a purveyor of food, have clients depending on life support, providing heat to your building or preventing accidents by keeping your traffic lights lit. Lattice has created All Points Power, a generator management company, to provide generator monitoring, maintenance and diagnostics, providing a seamless power source for any need.

For more on the products and services we offer, give us a call at 319-845-6001 and one of our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you out.

Is That a COW at the Football Game?!

Lattice Communications works to partner with Appetize on their new APP


As a Lattice Communications customer, you know that whether it is working with our Project Management team, purchasing telecommunications power equipment or customizing concrete shelters, we aim to give you nothing less than our best.

What you may not know is we are working in more than the telecommunications industry. From agriculture, municipalities and military, to broadcast, convenience stores and commercial industries, at Lattice Communications we are broadening our horizons.

ACTUALLY, you may see Lattice Communications at your next sporting event, lakeside resort, concert or theatre. How you say? Well, in conjunction with Appetize™, America’s newest feature to live entertainment, we are supporting them make their way across the nation.

We are excited to work with Lattice to give our food service clients the ability to provide our remote POS system as well as location based consumer ordering app at festivals and sporting events. In the past, providing a service like Appetize was unthinkable due to the poor network strength. Now, working with the Lattice provided COW’s our clients will have access to real time data and analytics as well as a never before seen level of engagement with a customer at an event.
Jason Pratts, Co-Founder

Appetize™ is the APP to help avid sports fans never miss another play, relaxing vacationers catch every moment and concert enthusiasts watch every song. That’s right, when the venue works with Appetize™ and Lattice, you don’t have to leave your seat to grab another clubhouse hamburger, beer from the grandstands or jersey from the Pro Shop.

With the ability to order anything from your seat, there will be even more people on phones at these events; thus causing strain on systems. So Lattice Communications’ partnered with Appetize™, and their venues, to create an environment that will stream flawlessly.

We resolve the issue by expanding the capacity with COWs, or Cell On Wheels. There are many reasons it is beneficial for these venues to utilize mobile cell towers over a permanent tower.

  • Site issues, such as limitations involving property rights or ecological restrictions can be problematic.
  • Budgets also account for a significant portion of long-term COW placement.
  • Most importantly, they are self-contained and stored in a ready-to-go state, allowing for rapid deployment to the site.

So when you are at the next sporting event or concert, check your smart phone apps for Appetize™… And rest assured, a Lattice COW will make sure you receive your order seamlessly; all the way from the concession stand to your seat!

Fiberglass Shelters Can Help Fulfill Your Needs

Telecom shelters traditionally are used to house equipment, essential for telecommunication signals. The shelters are typically housed with a tower and a generator, either in an attached room or outside the building. The shelters are filled with everything needed for a data center including, batteries, rectifiers, ATS/ASCO, HVAC units, fire suppression support and switchgears.

Fiberglass units are high-strength and low-cost structures, made to last for decades.  Their light weight construction material makes them easy to relocate, and far less costly to move, than concrete or metal structures.  Fiberglass never rusts and is mildew, mold and rot resistant in any climate. These shelters are maintenance-free, air tight and, unlike concrete shelters, do not crack.  Their attractive appearance also blends well with any environment.

Engineered to be highly durable in storms, these shelters can withstand winds up to 125 mph.  They are environmentally sound, extremely cost effective and the ideal answer to sensitive technical equipment storage. The roof design of Fiberglass shelters offers high snow capability and reliability in harsh weather conditions.  Heavy-duty locks and hinges are rust resistant and secure.

Fiberglass Shelters can serve as an above or below-ground storm shelter, as well. Their tough material can reduce the risk of injury or death, caused by tornados or hurricanes.  Not only can fiberglass withstand high winds, but also flying debris.

Other common applications are housing generators, pumps, radio repeaters, chlorination equipment, emergency spill, cellular antennae shielding and storage for radar and satellite equipment.

Options such as heating, lighting, air conditioning, exhaust, outlets, double doors and UV resistant gel coated exterior can all be installed upon request.  Shelters are shipped to your job site fully assembled and ready to install. These buildings also come in a variety of sizes to suit any project.

Lattice Communications has a variety of used fiberglass shelters available. The shelters can be custom refurbished to meet your needs. We offer a multitude of options, from HVAC to rectifiers and would love to work with you on your next project.