Fiber to YOUR Home

You may have heard about Fiber-to-the-Home (or FTTH) recently, but have you stopped to ask what it is or how it can benefit you?

Fiber-to-the-Home provides of fiber optic cable connections for individual residences. The fiber delivers a multitude of digital information for telephone, video and data.

Unfortunately, traditional copper cable will not be able to handle all of the new, upcoming technologies, like 100 Mbps Internet service, HD streaming video and advanced voice services.

Fiber optic cable provides higher stability, has fewer interruptions, is less susceptible to corrosion or power surges by lightning (and other sources) and allows for future evolution of technology. Fiber supports large amounts of data and can keep up with consumer and technology demands. Not only does the addition of FTTH increase the value of your home, but it has the potential to push an increase in economic development due to the advanced technology available in your community. Best of all, there is no modem required with FTTH!

Fiber is indisputably the fastest, most versatile high-speed internet connection. Fiber-to-the-Home provides practically unlimited bandwidth and gets you the speed you are actually paying for with no Internet slowdowns during peak hours.

Standard costs for fiber installation are around $400 or more. Although FTTH project requires this fee now, it will ultimately save you money in the future.


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