Internal Spotlight: Jacks of all Trades

Among the many vital departments within Lattice Communications, the shop team executes the completion of each and every project which is why they are the focus of this month’s Internal Spotlight.  The hard work and professionalism of the shop employees contributes greatly to the overall success of Lattice. The person responsible for the timely completion of each project is the Operations Manager, Leigh Gaddis. Leigh has been with Lattice for over a year and enjoys the team atmosphere and the ability to bring her dog to work.

Leigh oversees the shop department, a team made up of local production technicians as well as employees strategically located throughout the United States.  As production technicians they provide professional service, quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. With technicians throughout the U.S. and many stationed at Lattice headquarters in Fairfax, Iowa, Lattice has a special advantage over their competitors. “We are centrally located within the United States which allows us a nationwide presence with quick response time,” explained Leigh.

The shop team provides civil and technical support after the sale is made.  When a customer purchases a product or requests a service, the shop personnel ensure that the project is completed professionally, efficiently, and to the customer’s satisfaction. We have the ability to send out 20 crews at any given time.  “The things I enjoy most about working here are the ongoing training and certification,” said Master Electrician, Jared Nelson.

Leigh and her team of experts provide excellent work and outstanding products, including Lattice’s own line of customized concrete shelters.  With all of the projects and customers throughout the nation, every day is different for Leigh. She is faced with a lot of challenges on a daily basis but completing them is satisfying.

Overall, Leigh and the shop team are responsible for the successful fulfillment of customers’ needs.

Leigh proudly stated: “with every new project, we gain more knowledge on how to make our department better.”


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