Introducing the New Lattice Communications Tower Crew

With the implementation of our expansive tower services, this month’s Internal Spotlight is all about Lattice’s new Tower Crew.  Rapidly expanding wireless networks have led to a greater demand for tower construction, erection, and modifications.  To meet these demands, Lattice has enlisted a professional and experienced tower crew. Although tower services are new to Lattice, our Tower Crew offers years of experience in the business. The Tower Crew provides tower site construction and maintenance to Cellular Carriers, Tower Owner Groups, Military, and State and Local Government.  They can offer customers new tower site construction, structural modifications, tower maintenance, antenna installation services, and consult services.

Lattice attributes the unprecedented demand for service crews to the increase in cellular carriers’ network deployments and the latest LTE technology. In addition, the latest revision of the tower structural code, requiring heavy structural upgrades to accommodate larger antennas, has amplified the need for tower crews.

Lattice’s Tower Crew is expected to grow to include 5 crews made up of 4 members. This would include a Crew Leader, Top Hand, and two additional crew members. Lattice is currently working to develop two structural crews that will specialize in tower structural upgrades and three antenna crews to manage antenna work.  Audit crews will also be enlisted to inspect sites and report to clients on existing assets.  While still growing, our current tower crews are experienced, knowledgeable experts, focused on customer satisfaction and adherence to safety regulations.

The Tower Crew members’ experience is an invaluable asset to Lattice and their expanding repertoire of services.  The integrity, quality, and expertise of our tower crews set us apart from others in the industry.  With our new knowledgeable Tower Crew, Lattice offers industry-leading tower services to satisfy your greatest demands.

Lattice Communications, tower, tower crew


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