Meet the Dream behind the Sales Team

The internal spotlight this month features an employee who works many areas to make sure the sales team has everything they need. Gabrielle Plotz has been at Lattice Communications since April as the Sales Coordinator and immediately hit the ground running. The Sales Department consists of eight people, including “Gabby” (as we like to call her), who work hard to find solutions to all of your projects. When you call Lattice with a need, such as a new concrete shelter, fiber project or tower installation, the Business Development Manager (BDM) looks to meet your specifications while getting you the best price available.

Behind the scenes, Gabrielle is handling the admin related duties as well as managing the sales process. This helps the team keep the momentum moving and the project running smooth. You could think of Gabby as the right hand ‘woman’ or jack-of-all-trades because she shifts from workbooks and quote packages to answering phones and booking hotels. She emphasizes that her team is here to accomplish anything customers want and went on to describe why you should choose Lattice over other competitors every time.

“We actually put value in our products and services. We don’t slap a price on and forget about it. We handle the sale until completion and ensure customers get the necessary solutions for their needs.”

The things she enjoys most about working at Lattice is the fast-paced and high-energy environment. So the next time you call Lattice and hear a sweet southern accent on the other end of the phone that is our Gabby. Say hi- she would love to hear from you!Lattice Communications, Sales coordinator


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