Internal Spotlight: Mike Brems & Eric Benson

This month’s Internal Spotlight is focused on the hard work and dedication of the Sales Department at Lattice. Under the direction of Rob Brown, the Vice President of Business Development, the Sales Department ensures their customers receive high quality service. On a daily basis, they work hard to generate leads, revenue, and clientele. Their ultimate goal is to provide turnkey solutions that will satisfy the needs of both customers and partners.

Manager of Business Development, Mike Brems, has been with Lattice for 2 ½ years and has worked to build strong customer relationships.  These relationships, as well as the fast-paced environment, are what keep Brems motivated and committed to Lattice.  Eric Benson, the Director of Business Development, emphasized the nature of the company’s internal relationships.  Benson has been with Lattice for four years.  He enjoys working in the Sales Department and closing deals, but what he likes most about the company is, “It is made up of really great people who work well together.”

The Sales Department is responsible for providing end-to-end solutions and working hard to impact their customers’ bottom line.  Lattice is a unique company within the industry because they offer a variety of products, services, and solutions.  Benson and Brems, along with other Sales Representatives, attend a handful of trade shows throughout the country each year in order to promote Lattice and form new relationships.  “When you look around at a trade show, you see that each company specializes in something different. Then you take a look at us and we encompass all of these things. Lattice really can do it all and by offering end-to-end turnkey solutions, customers do not have to work with multiple companies to complete their telecom project… We joke with our customers that we are ‘one throat to choke’,” laughed Benson.

Moving forward, the sales team plans to continue meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations.  Brems noted the importance of Lattice’s partnerships with suppliers and customers, “We are constantly working to see how we can grow our companies together and are focused on maintaining collaborative relationships with existing customers as well as forming new ones.”

If you are looking to purchase a quality product, Lattice can meet your demands while ensuring outstanding customer service from a knowledgeable Sales Team that will value your relationship and recognize the importance of your project.

RSSI 2013 - Mike Eric

Lattice Communications Employees to Bowl for Multiple Sclerosis

Employees of Lattice Communications and their families will take part in a bowling fundraiser on Sunday, Dec. 1 to benefit the National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMSS).

The event will be held at May City Bowl on the Southwest side of Cedar Rapids.  Lattice Communications is a sponsor and expects to have several teams at the event.  Proceeds from the fundraiser will benefit NMSS. Participants will also have the option of making free will donations and bidding on silent auction items at the bowling alley.

The fundraiser benefits a cause that is close to the heart of Lattice Communications owner Bruce Leventhal, “My mom had MS so it’s personally important that I can in a small way, make a difference with helping the people and families affected by this illness receive emotional and mental support, medications and medical follow-up, food, shelter, transportation, and daycare. So many things we take for granted are a daily struggle can be minimized with our contributions,” Leventhal explained.

Each week, more than 200 are diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. A diagnosis is often accompanied by fear, an uncertain future and a list of painful, frustrating physical and cognitive ailments, such as blindness, poor bladder control, loss of concentration and verbal fluency.

Leventhal praised the efforts of Elizabeth Trcka, who was instrumental in organizing the bowling fundraiser. “I want to thank Elizabeth Trcka and her family for their incredible years of effort and contributions with originating the Bowling for MS Event.  This is an excellent community charity that I hope the MS Society incorporates nationally.”

Trcka, who owns May City Bowl with her husband, Tom, began the fundraiser 12 years ago. “My sister was diagnosed with MS 18 years ago, so we wanted to help in some way. A fundraiser was a way we could help raise awareness and money.”

She added that she knew that Leventhal’s mother had the disease and approached him three years ago to become a sponsor for the event.


  • Every hour, someone is newly diagnosed with MS.
  • MS affects more than 400,000 people in the U.S. and over 2.1 million worldwide.
  • MS is the most common neurological disease leading to disability in young adults
  • MS can cause blurred vision, loss of balance, poor coordination, slurred speech, tremors, numbness, extreme fatigue and even paralysis and blindness.
  • These symptoms might be permanent, or they might come and go.
  • Multiple sclerosis is an unpredictable, often disabling disease of the central nervous system
  • It interrupts the flow of information within the brain, and between the brain and body and can stop people from moving
  • Most people with MS are diagnosed between the ages of 20 and 50, with at least two to three times more women than men being diagnosed with the disease.
  • At least two to three times more women than men have been diagnosed with MS.
  • It’s an exciting time in MS research, with more than a dozen new therapies moving through the MS pipeline including the first three oral drugs.

Introducing the New Lattice Communications Tower Crew

With the implementation of our expansive tower services, this month’s Internal Spotlight is all about Lattice’s new Tower Crew.  Rapidly expanding wireless networks have led to a greater demand for tower construction, erection, and modifications.  To meet these demands, Lattice has enlisted a professional and experienced tower crew. Although tower services are new to Lattice, our Tower Crew offers years of experience in the business. The Tower Crew provides tower site construction and maintenance to Cellular Carriers, Tower Owner Groups, Military, and State and Local Government.  They can offer customers new tower site construction, structural modifications, tower maintenance, antenna installation services, and consult services.

Lattice attributes the unprecedented demand for service crews to the increase in cellular carriers’ network deployments and the latest LTE technology. In addition, the latest revision of the tower structural code, requiring heavy structural upgrades to accommodate larger antennas, has amplified the need for tower crews.

Lattice’s Tower Crew is expected to grow to include 5 crews made up of 4 members. This would include a Crew Leader, Top Hand, and two additional crew members. Lattice is currently working to develop two structural crews that will specialize in tower structural upgrades and three antenna crews to manage antenna work.  Audit crews will also be enlisted to inspect sites and report to clients on existing assets.  While still growing, our current tower crews are experienced, knowledgeable experts, focused on customer satisfaction and adherence to safety regulations.

The Tower Crew members’ experience is an invaluable asset to Lattice and their expanding repertoire of services.  The integrity, quality, and expertise of our tower crews set us apart from others in the industry.  With our new knowledgeable Tower Crew, Lattice offers industry-leading tower services to satisfy your greatest demands.

Lattice Communications, tower, tower crew

Meet the Dream behind the Sales Team

The internal spotlight this month features an employee who works many areas to make sure the sales team has everything they need. Gabrielle Plotz has been at Lattice Communications since April as the Sales Coordinator and immediately hit the ground running. The Sales Department consists of eight people, including “Gabby” (as we like to call her), who work hard to find solutions to all of your projects. When you call Lattice with a need, such as a new concrete shelter, fiber project or tower installation, the Business Development Manager (BDM) looks to meet your specifications while getting you the best price available.

Behind the scenes, Gabrielle is handling the admin related duties as well as managing the sales process. This helps the team keep the momentum moving and the project running smooth. You could think of Gabby as the right hand ‘woman’ or jack-of-all-trades because she shifts from workbooks and quote packages to answering phones and booking hotels. She emphasizes that her team is here to accomplish anything customers want and went on to describe why you should choose Lattice over other competitors every time.

“We actually put value in our products and services. We don’t slap a price on and forget about it. We handle the sale until completion and ensure customers get the necessary solutions for their needs.”

The things she enjoys most about working at Lattice is the fast-paced and high-energy environment. So the next time you call Lattice and hear a sweet southern accent on the other end of the phone that is our Gabby. Say hi- she would love to hear from you!Lattice Communications, Sales coordinator