Power Up for Football Season

It is almost football season and before we know it the leaves will start falling, the air will grow cooler, and we’ll be breaking out our favorite team’s jersey. With all of the excitement, people often overlook the things that make a football game run smoothly. Whether it is your Alma mater on a Saturday morning or the NFL on Monday nights, everyone is sure to cheer on their team of choice. If you plan on attending a football game this fall, take a good hard look around for the equipment that powers the event. We’re talking about the telecommunication equipment. Football stadiums are utilizing mobile cell towers, backup power systems, and generators to operate these large events.

Cells on wheels (COWs) are mobile cell towers that cell carriers often deploy to expand a wireless network in an area that is not covered.  While football stadiums are often near cell towers, they could be blocking the signal or it may just be overloaded by the mass amount of users. Thus, mobile COWs offer a quick set-up of a temporary cell tower to help provide uninterrupted wireless service to cell phone users. COWs can effectively double the capacity of a network at football stadiums, offering fans better reception and wider capabilities than in the past. Thus, people don’t drop calls when they are trying to track down their friends and texts are not delayed while sending picture messages of the game. These mobile cell towers are starting to spring up in stadiums across the country, providing a simple solution to wireless network demands.

In addition to COWs, generators serve a multitude of purposes during large football games. Generators are used to power outdoor needs such as speakers, lights, video equipment, and communication devices. While the stadium has its own utility power source, equipment that is used outdoors needs to be hooked up to generators for optimum use. Backup power systems and generators are also utilized by large stadiums as back-up if the utility power fails. If this happens, an automatic transfer switch will immediately transfer the power load from the utility to the backup generator. Thus, the stadium lights stay on, the scoreboard remains lit, and the safety of thousands of fans is kept intact.

Recent innovations have also led to the use of generators for mobile phone charging stations at football stadiums.  With all of these technological advances, fans can keep their phones on and working throughout the entire game.  So while you should recognize the importance of the telecom industry during your fall football games, don’t forget to put the phone away and cheer on your favorite team!



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