What You Need to Know About Decommissioning

The idea of removing your telecom equipment from a site seems pretty simple, but if you don’t trust a professional and full-service company to do the job, it can be a headache. There are actually quite a few facets to cell site decommissioning and some companies do not cover them all.  Lattice Communications offers all-inclusive decommissioning services for both single-site and multi-site jobs. We have a nation-wide presence and a multitude of options for the decommissioning of your site. Today’s blog will break down the many aspects of decommissioning so that you may see the importance of working with a company that does it all.

Whether you are looking to remove large telecom shelters and heavy industrial generators or dismantle tall towers or perimeter fencing, the job is serious and deserves expert service. Make sure that the company you choose to work with is willing to handle the entirety of your project.

To start out, a pre-project site analysis is necessary to understand what tools and procedures are needed for completion. Everything from site location to product size will be taken into account to determine what is necessary for effective project completion. This ensures that your site decommission is completed safely and efficiently. Lattice will remove any site in the contiguous 48 states regardless of geographical or logistical obstacles.

Once the analysis is completed, the project management team will determine a plan for removal.  The appropriate number of crew members will be assigned to the project, trucks and cranes will be hired for assistance, and a detailed schedule of removal will be disclosed to the customer. The team will also determine, according to your preferences, whether the site will be removed and taken elsewhere or if it will be demolished and disposed of. Lattice offers the option of buying your used telecommunication equipment for refurbishing and resale as well!

It is important that the company completing your decommission complies with local, state, and federal guidelines and regulations. This ensures the professional and physical safety of your company and the workers. Site decommission involves a lot of heavy lifting which is why your best bet is partnering with a company that is professional, reliable, and adheres to industry standards and safety regulations.

Overall, decommissioning your site can be a lot of work but full-service companies like Lattice can be your simple turnkey solution to completing the project professionally and efficiently.



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