Now Offering Tower Services

Your telecom site is vital to the success of your business and at Lattice we understand the importance of keeping your site serviced and in top-notch condition.  Whether you have an existing structure or are looking to build one, our full list of newly offered tower services can greatly benefit your site.  The general overview of our tower services include site audits, tower construction, tower erection, tower modifications, antenna and line work, civil work such as electrical, foundation, and fiber to the site, and site decommissioning.  With this week’s blog we hope to help you better understand the benefits of these towers services and why we are offering them to you.

There are a handful of basic elements of tower construction. To begin, the site is surveyed in order to set a hub, boundaries, a site plan, etc.  A site audit is then created documenting the overview of the site.  Soil properties such as water level, skin friction, cohesiveness, and safety factors are noted. Construction drawings offer a variety of site plans, details, and tower drawings so as to bring together the overall project plan.  An expansive list of design elements are considered including space, zoning, elevations, exposure, wind region, environment, and more.  A host of other things are considered during tower construction through to tower erection. This extensive and exhaustive procedure ensures that no stone is left unturned.

If your preexisting structure demands updates or removal, we offer tower modifications, civil work, antenna/line work, and decommissioning. Perhaps you would like to replace your tower’s copper wire with fiber.  Our tower climbers will survey your site and make the necessary adjustments.  Any work that requires access to the top of the tower can be completed safely and efficiently by our knowledgeable tower staff.  If you are in need of a team to remove your tower site, we can do that as well.

Finally, we offer closeout documentation to ensure that your project was completed with the utmost levels of professionalism and efficiency. Test reports, progressive photos, and inspection reports are automatically provided.  Our all-encompassing tower services are designed to meet your every need and promise the long-lasting quality of your telecom product.

To learn more about the tower services offered, call our toll free number at 1-888-926-7541.


Next week’s blog will discuss the regular occurrence of brown and black-outs during the summer season and how you can stay protected.


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