Helping You Pick The Right Shelter

Have you been searching for that perfect shelter to protect your expensive telecommunication equipment? As you have probably figured out, there are several materials to choose from.  Lattice Communications offers fiberglass, concrete, and metal shelters to meet your project specifications and understanding the advantages of each will help you to make an informed decision.


Concrete shelters offer extreme durability against harsh weather conditions and other external forces.  If you are placing your shelter in an area prone to high winds and strong storms, a concrete shelter will ensure top-notch protection. They can withstand powerful storm damage including 150mph maintained winds and flying debris. In addition, Lattice concrete shelters are bullet-proof, boasting a strong and protective exterior.  Concrete is generally mold and mildew resistant, protecting against erosion to promise a long-lasting product.  Boring insects are also no match for concrete shelters.  Finally, concrete shelters are energy efficient and designed for ground-mounted telecom and data equipment protection.  We offer many used shelters in a variety of sizes as large as 12’ X 36’. If you would prefer a brand new shelter, our customized concrete shelters are built and designed to customer specifications.  For those in need of a heavy-duty, long-lasting shelter, concrete is your solution.


These light-weight shelters offer easy relocation while still maintaining durability and reliability during severe weather. Fiberglass shelters are built to last for decades by never rusting, rotting, or succumbing to mold or mildew.  They can withstand up to 125mph winds, flying debris, and offer a roof design with high snow capability. Thus, if your shelter will be facing frigid winters, fiberglass can stand up to the challenge. Maintenance-free, air tight, and environmentally sound, Lattice offers a variety of fiberglass shelters, ranging from 7’8 X 7’3 to 12’ X 26’ in size. If you are searching for low-cost shelter with an attractive exterior, fiberglass shelters are your best option.


Constructed from either stainless steel or aluminum, metal shelters weigh less than other telecom shelters making them easy to relocate and ideal for rooftop placement. They offer a great weight-to-strength ratio and a budget-friendly alternative to housing your important equipment. Aluminum shelters may even be painted to match other existing structures. If you would like a light-weight shelter that is easy to alter, look into metal.

If you are still not sure which is best for you project, contact one of Lattice’s product experts today!


Be sure to set aside some time next Wednesday to read all about Lattice Tower Services and why we began offering this for you.


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