Fourth of July and the Many Uses of Telecom Equipment

Tomorrow is the 4th of July and people all across the country are loading up their coolers, cleaning off their grills, and preparing for a spectacular fireworks show.  If you are planning on attending your town’s 4th of July celebration, you will certainly come across telecom equipment. Many people do not realize that the activities they will be partaking in this 4th of July require the use of towers, generators, and more.

Are you attending your town’s fireworks display this year? This is probably a big event that will entail music, games, food vendors, and a lot of people!  Telecommunication equipment is necessary to keep such an event running smoothly.

As far as power equipment goes, generators will be used to power up the appliances needed by food vendors.  Even if you happen to be attending a festival at which food is sold from actual stores with their own power supply, backup generators and automatic transfer switches are necessary protection for power outages.  It would be very unfortunate for a food vendor to lose power, resulting in food spoilage and inability to serve customers. Thus, a backup generator and ATS ensure that if the power were to go out, the food would be safe and customers happy.

Will there be live outdoor music at your town’s 4th of July celebration? If so, generators are absolutely necessary.  At outdoor events, there are typically no existing power sources. Thus, generators must be brought in to power lighting and sound equipment.  If an artist is performing at night for a crowd larger than 20 and with instruments that require power, a backup generator will be used. Without this, the crowd would not be able to see or hear the show and the band may even be unable to play certain instruments.

Finally, and very importantly, mobile towers are needed at large, outdoor events for a multitude of things.  You will most likely see the deployment of COWs (cell on wheels) throughout the festival area.  These can serve many purposes including cellphone connections, radio and television news connections, and PA systems.  With so many cellphone users in one area, trying to connect with and find one another, COWs are pertinent to avoiding jammed signals. Your local radio and TV stations covering the event will need mobile towers to connect with their station headquarters and viewers throughout the community. Finally, PA systems are absolutely necessary for simple notifications as well as warning attendees of storms and other dangers.  Mobile towers can be used to set up surveillance, lighting, and PA systems so that those in attendance are safe and the event runs smoothly.

Enjoy your Fourth of July holiday!Image

Visit us next week when we compare concrete, fiberglass, and metal shelters and discuss the advantages of each.


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