Which Generator is Best for You?

Generators can run on several fuel sources including natural gas, diesel, liquid propane (LP), and gasoline. Lattice Communications offers natural gas, diesel, and LP generators due to their unique benefits, and by offering these three options, we ensure that your needs are met.  It is important to research the advantages of each type of generator in order to make an educated decision on which is best for your company.  Keeping that in mind, we have gathered that information here to make your decision easier.

For example, let’s start with the popular diesel generators.  Diesel generators offer reliability, durability and fuel-efficiency. Those are only a few of the many advantages to purchasing diesel generators over gasoline generators. Diesel is more efficient, cost-effective, and durable than gasoline engines.  They use glow plugs rather than spark plugs, ensuring reliability. Diesel fuel is also safer than gasoline making it less likely to ignite and explode. You can use synthetic fuels in a diesel generator, such as non-petroleum based bio-fuels, easier than you can in other generators. They also emit less carbon monoxide than gasoline generators, making them compliant with EPA emissions standards. Thus, if you are looking for a cheaper, safer generator, diesel is your best option.

Another possibility is a liquid propane (LP) generator. LP generators are also emission-compliant.  They allow for clean burning with low carbon monoxide emissions, making them less toxic than gasoline counterparts.  LP generators offer engine noise levels that are quieter than other used standby generators and they provide more energy per unit than natural gas generators.  The use of liquid propane reduces foreign reliance on fuels and is cheaper than regular fuel. If you are searching for a generator that is safer for the environment and practical for heavy duty applications, LP generators are for you.

Last but not least, natural gas generators are budget-friendly, reliable, and safe for the environment. They have a dependable and renewable fuel source since they are powered by existing natural gas lines.  Natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel, above diesel and propane, and is non-toxic if inhaled in small amounts.  Natural gas generators are inexpensive to purchase and maintain, making them an ideal choice for those working with a budget. Another advantage to natural gas generators is they do not produce a strong odor like other generators. Ultimately, natural gas generators are the low-cost, simple answer to your power needs.

Overall, Lattice offers diesel, LP, and natural gas generators because they are safer and more efficient than gasoline generators.  All three options are great for a multitude of projects. Lattice is here to help you decide which generator is best for you.

Top Advantages of Each

Natural Gas Generator
1) Most InexpensiveImage

2) Most Environmentally Friendly





Liquid Propane Generator

1) Low Noise LevelsImage

2) Environmentally Friendly

3) Cheaper



Diesel Generator

1) SafeImage

2) Cheaper

3) Fuel-Efficient





Join us next week when we discuss why fiber optic cable is a great investment for your company.


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