The Importance of HVAC Systems


Whether you are familiar with HVAC units or not, this week’s blog aims to help you better understand the importance of such systems. Anyone who has invested in telecommunication equipment knows that it is expensive and serves a vital function to the success of your business. Thus, it is important to protect this equipment from inclement weather. Shelters play a vital role in protecting your equipment from strong winds, rain, and flying debris, but can only protect against drastic environmental changes such as heat waves or freezing temperatures, for so long. To ensure the endurance of your equipment during extreme weather conditions, you will want to invest in HVAC units.


                The acronym HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. HVAC systems are responsible for the continuous regulation of the environment surrounding your telecom equipment. As the outside weather changes, the environment in which your equipment is housed will change as well.  It is important to protect the equipment from over-heating, freezing, moisture, etc. In addition to telecom shelters, HVAC units are also commonly used in data centers and server rooms.


                During the summertime, when temperatures are high and heat waves are common, the air conditioning component of the HVAC system kicks on to keep your telecom equipment cool and prevent over-heating.  During the winter, your telecom equipment cannot operate if frozen, so the HVAC’s heating unit regulates the temperature surrounding your equipment.  The ventilation system protects against extreme humidity by replacing the air surrounding your equipment.  Smoke, heat, moisture, dust, and more can all be replaced through ventilation to ensure a continuously safe environment.


Dennis and Chuck’s HVAC website provides some interesting facts about HVAC systems:  According to UCLA Sustainability, “HVAC systems account for between 40-60% of total energy use in the commercial sector”.  This shows the importance that companies place on their HVAC systems. Also interestingly, according to, the use of “Man Made Weather”, or early HVAC systems, began in “the 1920s as a way to get people to come to the movie theaters” and is now found in 82% of buildings”. Clearly, companies with important electrical and telecommunication equipment understand the importance of keeping it safe.  If you have important equipment that could be damaged during constantly changing environmental conditions, protect your investments through the implementation of HVAC systems.


Lattice Communications offers quality HVAC systems from top industry manufacturers.  Shelters, mobile cell towers, and data centers may be customized to include HVAC units based on the specific needs of customers. Lattice ensures the prosperous lifespan of your telecom equipment and will provide installation and turnkey construction to guarantee the completion of your project.


Next Wednesday’s blog will discuss the differences between Natural Gas, Liquid Propane, and Diesel generators and the advantages of each.




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