Maximize Your COW Usage

If you are in the market for a tower, it is important to know what you have in mind for your particular project.  This will determine what type of tower you may need. The purpose of today’s blog is to give you a brief overview of projects and the towers they require, and specifically, the purposes a COW will serve. A COW is a mobile cell tower which stands for “cell on wheels”.

Lattice offers a variety of new and used towers for projects ranging from construction site lighting to mobile mass notification, such as tornado sirens.  In addition to monopole towers and self-support towers, both new and used, Lattice offers used COWs.

Self-Support towers provide the greatest range in capabilities among telecommunication towers and come in both 3-legged and 4-legged structural designs.  They are most often used for radio, television, and cellular telecom network purposes.

Monopole towers consist of a single pole that offers the structural integrity to stand independently and the durability to withstand windy conditions. One major advantage that monopole towers provide is the small amount of space that they take up. For this reason, they are commonly used for cellular applications in which the area is limited or other telecom towers may not be permitted.

Guyed towers are light-weight, cost-efficient and often used in rural settings.  The name comes from the guy wires which anchor the tower to the ground.

Despite the many uses and advantages of the towers listed above, we are going to focus on COWs. The major advantage to using a COW is the rapid set-up it allows for telecommunication services at temporary locations. Commonly used by Wireless Service Providers, COWs can be deployed to supplement a growing market in advance of a fixed tower.  In addition to short-term uses, COWs can also be used for long-term situations such as limitations involving property rights or ecological restrictions. COWs are the perfect option for when funds are tight and Lattice offers a wide array of budget-friendly used towers for your particular project. 



As mentioned above, COWs are often used by Wireless Service Providers, as well as first responders/security, and construction sites. During large events, such as outdoor festivals, COWs are deployed by cellular companies to provide better mobile service for cellphone users.  Temporary mobile mass notifications for situations like inclement weather, as well as mobile surveillance in crowded areas, are common uses for COWs.  Construction sites utilize COWs for large site lighting during night time operations and oil or gas mining.  Overall, the mobility and easy set-up of COWs make them a popular choice among a variety of markets.

A more specific application here at Lattice involves our recent partnership with Appetize, America’s newest feature to live entertainment, providing football game attendees the ability to order anything from their seat. With this new APP, “there will be even more people on phones at these events; thus causing strain on systems”. Lattice Communications’ partnership with Appetize™, and their venues, will help to create an environment that will stream flawlessly through the use of COWs. Visit our other blog to learn more about this awesome APP.

Whether you need a permanent tower to withstand strong winds or a mobile cell on wheels to serve a temporary purpose, Lattice Communications has a vast inventory of new and used towers to serve your needs.

Stop back next week when we will be discussing the importance of HVAC systems for the longevity of your telecommunication equipment.







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