The Importance of Generators for Your Business

Companies often overlook the importance of generators and the benefits that they provide to your business.  For that reason, we’re going to explore the uses and advantages of purchasing a generator.

Let’s start off with the obvious question: what is a generator? Technically speaking, a generator is a machine that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy for the purpose of providing backup power, especially during emergency situations. Common uses for generators include standby power, emergencies, construction sites, concerts, etc.  Many businesses rely on backup generators to stay up and running during power outages. Backup generators are convenient for a variety of reasons but for some, they are vital.

Cellular phone companies rely on backup generators when power outages occur.  A large, national cell carrier loses millions of dollars every minute during a power outage. Thus, backup generators are necessary to preserve business.

Convenience Stores are utilizing the power of generators to keep their customers happy and their products safe during power outages as well.  If the power goes out at a convenience store, gas pumps cannot be used, products cannot be sold, and food will begin to spoil.  A closed, fully stocked freezer can maintain food safety for 48 hours but a closed refrigerator will maintain food safety for only four hours.  This isn’t a very long time, especially in cases where severe storms knock down power lines which can take days to repair.  Backup generators are necessary to prevent major money loss.

Hospitals are a great example of businesses that require critical backup generators in order to save lives. Thousands of patients in the US are relying on machines to keep them alive and if the power were to go out, many would die.  Similarly, surgeons cannot risk even a second without lights during operations. The instantaneous response of backup generators with Automatic Transfer Switches can save these lives in dire situations. If the power were to go out in a hospital, UPS would preserve power until the backup generator switched on, preventing any time lapse and allowing for machines to function without pause and lights to remain on without a flicker.

There are differences among the many types of new and used generators and they vary depending on critical and noncritical uses.  Lattice can help you with your project to determine the best design package for your business.

Storm season in the Midwest has just begun so be sure to consider the benefits of investing in a backup generator for your business.



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