Lattice Communications Launches New Blog

Welcome to Lattice Communications’ brand new blog. Let’s kick off by providing you with some background information on Lattice Communications to familiarize you with our people, our business, and our philosophy.

Whether or not you are already familiar with Lattice, I hope to introduce you to our talented and friendly company.

Our CEO and President, Bruce Leventhal, started Lattice in his basement in 2002. Both the company and the staff have continuously grown since that time and Lattice now houses nearly 50 employees.  This is pretty significant considering Bruce was the sole employee until several years ago.

In case you are new to Lattice, it is important that I tell you what we do for our customers!  Lattice is a nationwide telecom distributor, selling and installing everything from shelters, generators, towers and fiber.  We are unique to the industry because of our variety of new and used products as well as our ability to execute your project from start to finish.

This all-encompassing capability is reflected in our company make-up.  We have a knowledgeable sales team to help you decide exactly what you need and our Project Management department oversees the fulfillment of your contract (work which is done by our experienced Lattice personnel in the shop).  The Marketing, Accounting and Logistics departments also ensure that our business operates smoothly, efficiently, and in our customers’ best interest.

Another unique aspect of Lattice Communications is our work environment. While passionate and driven, it is also friendly and casual.  We love our dogs! Which is why we welcome their presence in the office and it is not rare to see three or four dogs roaming around on any given day.

CiCi on HalloweenImage

What else is so great about Lattice? We are the nation’s largest stocking dealer of new and used telecommunications equipment.  We have the ability to oversee your purchase and installation of telecommunications equipment from start to finish. And most importantly, our customers’ happiness is our number one priority.

Each week we will update this blog with fun facts, industry information, exciting things occurring in the office, and helpful tips.  Your questions and feedback are encouraged. We want to know how WE can help YOU.

Thanks for stopping by and we hope you revisit us next Wednesday when we will be discussing how you can get the most out of walking a Trade Show. You can also click on “Follow” to receive our posts automatically.


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