Maximize Your COW Usage

If you are in the market for a tower, it is important to know what you have in mind for your particular project.  This will determine what type of tower you may need. The purpose of today’s blog is to give you a brief overview of projects and the towers they require, and specifically, the purposes a COW will serve. A COW is a mobile cell tower which stands for “cell on wheels”.

Lattice offers a variety of new and used towers for projects ranging from construction site lighting to mobile mass notification, such as tornado sirens.  In addition to monopole towers and self-support towers, both new and used, Lattice offers used COWs.

Self-Support towers provide the greatest range in capabilities among telecommunication towers and come in both 3-legged and 4-legged structural designs.  They are most often used for radio, television, and cellular telecom network purposes.

Monopole towers consist of a single pole that offers the structural integrity to stand independently and the durability to withstand windy conditions. One major advantage that monopole towers provide is the small amount of space that they take up. For this reason, they are commonly used for cellular applications in which the area is limited or other telecom towers may not be permitted.

Guyed towers are light-weight, cost-efficient and often used in rural settings.  The name comes from the guy wires which anchor the tower to the ground.

Despite the many uses and advantages of the towers listed above, we are going to focus on COWs. The major advantage to using a COW is the rapid set-up it allows for telecommunication services at temporary locations. Commonly used by Wireless Service Providers, COWs can be deployed to supplement a growing market in advance of a fixed tower.  In addition to short-term uses, COWs can also be used for long-term situations such as limitations involving property rights or ecological restrictions. COWs are the perfect option for when funds are tight and Lattice offers a wide array of budget-friendly used towers for your particular project. 



As mentioned above, COWs are often used by Wireless Service Providers, as well as first responders/security, and construction sites. During large events, such as outdoor festivals, COWs are deployed by cellular companies to provide better mobile service for cellphone users.  Temporary mobile mass notifications for situations like inclement weather, as well as mobile surveillance in crowded areas, are common uses for COWs.  Construction sites utilize COWs for large site lighting during night time operations and oil or gas mining.  Overall, the mobility and easy set-up of COWs make them a popular choice among a variety of markets.

A more specific application here at Lattice involves our recent partnership with Appetize, America’s newest feature to live entertainment, providing football game attendees the ability to order anything from their seat. With this new APP, “there will be even more people on phones at these events; thus causing strain on systems”. Lattice Communications’ partnership with Appetize™, and their venues, will help to create an environment that will stream flawlessly through the use of COWs. Visit our other blog to learn more about this awesome APP.

Whether you need a permanent tower to withstand strong winds or a mobile cell on wheels to serve a temporary purpose, Lattice Communications has a vast inventory of new and used towers to serve your needs.

Stop back next week when we will be discussing the importance of HVAC systems for the longevity of your telecommunication equipment.






Customizing Concrete Shelters

One of the greatest benefits that Lattice offers is the ability for you to customize new concrete shelters.  It is important that any and all customer demands are met.  The shelters are built to withstand extreme weather conditions and meet customer size specifications.  This customization can benefit you in a variety of ways; therefore, we would like to tell you a little more on what customization offers and examples of custom shelters.

Customizing your shelter allows a specific project to come to life.  If you know exactly what you want, customization ensures that you get it. On the other hand, if you are unsure, our product specialists can help you decide what is best for your company and help you reach your goal.

If you are looking for durability, our new concrete shelters are built to withstand hurricanes, flying debris, and 150mph winds. The concrete walls are resistant to boring insects and the use of strong bolts and metal welds allow for superior structural reliability under physical stress.

Perhaps you are working with specific size limitations and cannot find that perfect shelter.  Customized shelters are built based on customer needs and that includes size specifications.  Once your shelter is constructed, we can complete your project by providing and installing any telecommunication products that you may need.  Finally, our shop personnel will deliver your customized shelter and install it for you. All in all, we allow for a hassle-free process.

Customizing one’s shelter also means putting it to a specific use.  There are a number of uses for telecommunication shelters but the most common would be to protect your telecom equipment.  Every shelter that we build comes with HVAC, cable entry, fire suppression equipment, lighting, racking and ladders and backup power systems.  Shelters can be painted for a nice finishing touch or bricking may be added to match the larger building it sits next to.


Other types of telecommunication shelters include communication shelters, two way radio buildings, and storm shelters.  These are just a few of the uses people have found for shelters and don’t even begin to describe the more creative ideas people have had.

If you’re ever in the market for a concrete shelter remember that Lattice Communications will customize your shelter to meet your every need.

Please revisit us next week when we discuss new ways to maximize your COW usage.

The Importance of Generators for Your Business

Companies often overlook the importance of generators and the benefits that they provide to your business.  For that reason, we’re going to explore the uses and advantages of purchasing a generator.

Let’s start off with the obvious question: what is a generator? Technically speaking, a generator is a machine that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy for the purpose of providing backup power, especially during emergency situations. Common uses for generators include standby power, emergencies, construction sites, concerts, etc.  Many businesses rely on backup generators to stay up and running during power outages. Backup generators are convenient for a variety of reasons but for some, they are vital.

Cellular phone companies rely on backup generators when power outages occur.  A large, national cell carrier loses millions of dollars every minute during a power outage. Thus, backup generators are necessary to preserve business.

Convenience Stores are utilizing the power of generators to keep their customers happy and their products safe during power outages as well.  If the power goes out at a convenience store, gas pumps cannot be used, products cannot be sold, and food will begin to spoil.  A closed, fully stocked freezer can maintain food safety for 48 hours but a closed refrigerator will maintain food safety for only four hours.  This isn’t a very long time, especially in cases where severe storms knock down power lines which can take days to repair.  Backup generators are necessary to prevent major money loss.

Hospitals are a great example of businesses that require critical backup generators in order to save lives. Thousands of patients in the US are relying on machines to keep them alive and if the power were to go out, many would die.  Similarly, surgeons cannot risk even a second without lights during operations. The instantaneous response of backup generators with Automatic Transfer Switches can save these lives in dire situations. If the power were to go out in a hospital, UPS would preserve power until the backup generator switched on, preventing any time lapse and allowing for machines to function without pause and lights to remain on without a flicker.

There are differences among the many types of new and used generators and they vary depending on critical and noncritical uses.  Lattice can help you with your project to determine the best design package for your business.

Storm season in the Midwest has just begun so be sure to consider the benefits of investing in a backup generator for your business.


How to Get the Most Out of Walking a Trade Show

So you’ve paid for a trade show – how do you get what you want while there?

Read below for the important tips and tricks we have compiled to help you do just that.

Before the Show:

Spend time prior to the show creating an ideal schedule.  Familiarize yourself with the exhibitors; learn what they can do for your company and make appointments with those that stand out.  Also, get a diagram of the floor and a schedule of activities so you know what you will be doing throughout the day. Have a goal that you want to accomplish, such as which vendors to visit and your purpose for attending the trade show. Finally, prepare your company’s “elevator speech” so that you may correctly convey to the vendors what it is you need in just a few short minutes.  An elevator speech is a short introduction of your company, explanation of your needs, and request for solutions. Being prepared in advance will help you feel more comfortable upon entering the trade show.

During the Show:

Time to network!  Sometimes at the beginning of the show there is an informational session during which keynote speakers, and often times the president of the trade association, will update you on what is happening in the industry.  This is a great opportunity for you to get an idea of the successes and challenges from the industry’s perspective.

Now it is time to get down to business.  Make sure you have obtained an updated map and schedule, as well as items for note taking.  Business cards are also a great way to connect with others as you walk the trade show.  As you move from booth to booth, network with exhibitors who you know can help you.  If possible, request literature and samples be mailed instead of having to carry them with you. Don’t forget to take advantage of show specials, discounts, and sales. Following your schedule is important but don’t forget to leave some free time to wander the show.

After the Show:

Remember, you went to the trade show with a purpose. Expect phone calls and make sure you answer them. They will keep calling until you do, so review your notes and be straight forward with the vendor. If the answer is no, tell them why. If you have chosen another vendor, say so. And if you need additional information, ask for it.  Determine the success of your attendance at the trade show by evaluating what the cost and time to achieve the same amount of business would have been.  Would you attend the same trade show again?

Important things to remember:

Check to see if the trade show has reserved hotel rooms at a discount, if so, this is often your best option. Wear business casual clothing and comfortable shoes.  Also, do not linger too long at each booth and don’t stay in a conversation with a company in which you are not interested in doing business.

If you plan on attending the TOC Conference and Showcase in Fargo, North Dakota on the 14th and 15th of May, stop by booth 109, where Lattice Communications will be set up.  Look for the whiskey girl to enter to win a bottle of Cedar Ridge Whiskey, made in Iowa. We will also have a product specialist on hand to answer your questions about the industry and our company. We have a variety of giveaways including hats, t-shirts and stress balls.  See you there!

Stop by next week when we discuss the importance of backup generators and businesses that benefit from them.

Our Trade Show booth at RSI/CMA 2012Image

Lattice Communications Launches New Blog

Welcome to Lattice Communications’ brand new blog. Let’s kick off by providing you with some background information on Lattice Communications to familiarize you with our people, our business, and our philosophy.

Whether or not you are already familiar with Lattice, I hope to introduce you to our talented and friendly company.

Our CEO and President, Bruce Leventhal, started Lattice in his basement in 2002. Both the company and the staff have continuously grown since that time and Lattice now houses nearly 50 employees.  This is pretty significant considering Bruce was the sole employee until several years ago.

In case you are new to Lattice, it is important that I tell you what we do for our customers!  Lattice is a nationwide telecom distributor, selling and installing everything from shelters, generators, towers and fiber.  We are unique to the industry because of our variety of new and used products as well as our ability to execute your project from start to finish.

This all-encompassing capability is reflected in our company make-up.  We have a knowledgeable sales team to help you decide exactly what you need and our Project Management department oversees the fulfillment of your contract (work which is done by our experienced Lattice personnel in the shop).  The Marketing, Accounting and Logistics departments also ensure that our business operates smoothly, efficiently, and in our customers’ best interest.

Another unique aspect of Lattice Communications is our work environment. While passionate and driven, it is also friendly and casual.  We love our dogs! Which is why we welcome their presence in the office and it is not rare to see three or four dogs roaming around on any given day.

CiCi on HalloweenImage

What else is so great about Lattice? We are the nation’s largest stocking dealer of new and used telecommunications equipment.  We have the ability to oversee your purchase and installation of telecommunications equipment from start to finish. And most importantly, our customers’ happiness is our number one priority.

Each week we will update this blog with fun facts, industry information, exciting things occurring in the office, and helpful tips.  Your questions and feedback are encouraged. We want to know how WE can help YOU.

Thanks for stopping by and we hope you revisit us next Wednesday when we will be discussing how you can get the most out of walking a Trade Show. You can also click on “Follow” to receive our posts automatically.